Tessellate - Nuit Blanche 2011

Tessellate is an interactive audio-video installation whose content is generated through public participation, and which re-imagines our relationships to the built environment through the creation of a technologically mediated network of connectivity. Participants positions are captured and analyzed using a Kinect camera which generates simplified geometric expressions of their body. These geometric expressions are then connected to each other in a visualized network which is projected onto the surrounding architecture. Throughout the night, the network grew and a traversed algorithmically to generating sounds at each connection. Inspired by the infinite nature of repeating Islamic geometric pattern work, Tessellate attempts to illustrate the infinite nature of connectivity.

Twilight Orchestra - Nuit Blanche 2009

Twilight Orchestra is an interactive audio installation, which revisions public space as a site for playful collaboration and exchange between strangers. Engaging diverse members of the public through the creation of an immersive musical experience, where the relational proximity of participants to each other affects the characteristics of the audio. Countering the fear-induced avoidance of strangers at night, this installation proposes an alternative, where people who would otherwise not interact with each other become a necessary component in each other’s experience.