Live at Full Spectrum Dominance

    This is the last 10 minutes of a live set/improvisational piece with Mantissa and the Existential Idiots (coi and feat). Mantissa is a Toronto based media artist that uses generative an evolutinary algorithms that feed from midi and audio for a/v goodness.
    Existential Idiots are coi and feat. Dynamic duo of stochastic electronic sound spastisians and old friends. Flute flouting laptop noise craziness.
    I was improvising with algorithmic music generators for both beats and melodies (although some sequenced stuff there at the end). Some of the generators are available for download as VSTs on the project page. They are built from a handful of number theory algorithms.
    Special thanks to Eric Shinn for putting on the show.

    Download avi


    I look for algorithms aesthetically just as I would samples or patches, and manipulate them similarily aswell. I try to keep things sounding "mathy", over natural. I use a variety of composition methods fractal function time and pitch mappings, some cellular automata conversion and recently some number theory compositions. Just like I have musical influences I have mathy ones aswell, and I use a combination of software and algorithms I found floating on the web. I'm still looking to build something that is condusive to shareing them with people. Check out fractmus, aMG, musicnum, csound, pure data for experimenting/prototyping.(links page).

      Number Patterns

      riseq - This is a live take using a simple number pattern generator called the Mores-Thue Sequence inspired by Lars Kindermann's MusicNum - [ogg]


      Life - Made from the the game of life. Cells are arranged in a rather organized initial state grow into a chaotic mess and move to something stable (and nice sounding). Program available on my code page - [mp3] [ogg]


      CHA - Chip and henon algorithms - [mp3]

      Kantomourus - Primarily rotating kamtorus algorithms - [mp3]

      VT - Duffing algorithm and some other pieces - [mp3]

      Hennon Algorithm

      x' = y
      y' = x - x3 - a y + b cos ( w t )
      a = 0.25 , b = 0.3 , w = 1


      x' = x cos ( ζ ) + ( x2 - y ) sin ( ζ )
      y' = x sin ( ζ ) - ( x2 - y ) cos ( ζ )

    My favoirte 2D fractal equations

Reason Songs

    My bedroom beats, a set of older tracks I wrote Reason 2.0. Reason plus some creative energy really inspired me back into music production.

      Grammar Control - Melencholy beats - [mp3] [ogg]

      Three Letters - Bleepy dubby- [mp3]

      Breaking Over - Over what, ballerina hop - [mp3]

      White on Rice - I'm a notoriously bad song titler - [mp3]


    Microsampling, random note generation, circuit bending...

      ETUC Remix - This was an Ableton exercise for a remix competition, using only small set of samples I wrote this glitchy d&bish remix. Original track by Coldcut. - [ogg]

      Entropy - Various randomizied note patterns with steadily rising chaos warning: really glitchy beats - [mp3]

      Circuits One - Circuit bending is sorta the epitome of "Aleatronica" basically discovery based music composing, it is actually just a guilty pleasure, it's primal and hands on in a way that algorithms or glitching beats will never be. I haven't recorded nearly enough of it. This is gathered sounds from a Speak and Read in it's early state of bentness (the bass drum is a sampled), unfinished - [mp3] [ogg]

If you have prolbems playing ogg goto vorbis' site